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Aqua Boy

purestwaterContaminated drinking water is a leading cause of on-going illnesses worldwide. Eliminate the pollutants in your water and in your system. Our “AWG” machines (Air to Water Generators) extract moisture/water from the atmosphere through a patented condensation process (No Water Connection Required). The machines then filter and purify the condensation into ultra-pure, healthy, drinking water. The AWG machines eliminate any worries about water quality, troublesome deliveries, or handling heavy bottles. Even better, our AWG machines eliminate plastic bottle deposits and bottle storage issues in landfills.

Aqua Boy 125

aquaboypro 125Size: 56.5"L X 41"W X
Weight: 800lbs
Total Water Storage: 125-Gal.
Power Consumption: 600W
Water Generation: 125 gallons of water generated per day
Warranty: 1 year full warranty defects materials and workmanship manufactured product.


Aqua Boy - WaterPro – 400G

aquaboypro 400Size – 92” (W) x 180” (D) x 98” (H)
Weight - 3000 lbs.
Rated Power – 208/3/60
Refrigerant – 410A
Water Generation – up to 400 US Gallons/ day
Storage Capacity – 400 US Gallons
BTU – delivered cooling capacity 250,000 BTU


Aqua Boy G2-CT Series

aquaboypro g2ctHeight: 18.9”D X 20.5”H
Weight: 32Kg
Total Water Storage: 18 litres
Power Consumption: 600W
Refrigerant: R134a (environmentally friendly)
Water Generation: 2-3 gallons of water generated per day
Filter System: Series of 6 filters including Air Filters, Sediment Filters, Carbon Block Filter, Nano and Halo Pure filter.


Aqua Boy WaterPro 100WO

aquaboypro 100**Web-based remote to monitor critical functions
Size – 92” (D) x 92”(H) x 36”(W)
Weight - 1500 lbs.
Nominal capacity (Tons) Standard conditions of 110F – 5 Ton
Delivered cooling capacity, BTU/H – 60,000
Waste Oil. BTU/H input – 150,000
Rated Power – 208/230 sp 60Hz
System Power – 230V


Aqua Boy Floor Model

aquaboyprofloormodel 300Height: OD- 14" x 19" x 47" high
Weight: 45 kg
Total Water Storage: 5 gallons
Power Consumption: 2 KW/hour per gallon
Refrigerant: R134a (environmentally friendly)
Water Generation: Up to 14 gallons per day
Plumbing: This unit requires no plumbing.


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